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Maine Web Service is located in Cumberland, Maine and has been in business since 2006. The organization is comprised of one person.  Me (Tom).  I got my start with technology back in the late 80's, starting with Lotus 1-2-3.  Lotus was among my favorite programs until Windows 3.1 came out.  I was so glad to be done using the old DOS menu system.  I worked in accounting doing grunt work and found it to be incredibly inefficient and I couldn't stand it.  So I taught myself Exec2 and enough SAS along with reverse engineering other programs to build a system which automated the manual entry.  I was promoted into the Programming department and quickly found that I wasn't as interested in validating code as I was in creating it. So in search of my passion, I left Unum and moved into real estate sales.  I was a rockstar the first year, but as the market slowed, so did my income.  I started working part time at an Internet Service provider (GWI), then to full time work at GE to work in the Information Technology Solutions division.  I then stepped up to a Network Administrator position for the then Bell Atlantic, supporting the engineering offices throught Maine and migrating them from Banyan to NT just prior to and through Y2K ... remember that?  I then moved on to an IT Manager position at an insurance agency where I still work today.  

Maine Web Service is an outlet for me to do the things I really like to do; Which in a nutshell is to keep computers running efficiently.  I enjoy getting computers standardized.  By that I mean getting them to a standard baseline for which they can be maintained effectively and remain operational when you need them.  It seemed to me that many of the propblems people were having were easy for me to fix, and it was easier for me (and more cost effective for them) to keep them updated continually than to wait for them to break and then fix them.  Thus began the Managed Services offering.  I love it and most of all my customers love it.  That's not all I do, I still do break/fix, consultation to Maine small businesses, homeowner consultation, network configuration and more.

If you have a need for any of these services, I am here to help.

P.S.  Those images on the right are completely arbitrary.  New ones will be coming at some point :-)

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