Ring ring ring goes the trolly

Ding ding ding goes the bell.  Imagine if the days of alarm clocks didn't exist and instead, you were gently awoken from sleep by ... a humanoid robot?  We are already at the point where robots can sweep up around the house, clean your gutters and your pool with varying degrees of intelligence, so it seems only logical that a robot was created that could wake you up in the morning, zip into the kitchen to get you a cool beverage, grab you another bottle of shampoo from the closet or tell the solicitor at the door that no one is home.  There are definitely more practical uses for a humanoid robot such as a guide for the visually impaired or to provide help in an emergency.  A South Korean company (Furo http://www.futurerobot.co.kr/) is developing just that.  They aren't the only one, iRobot has been building robots for years and we can't forget about Honda's Asimo who was introduced in 2000 (ya, a robot almost old enough to get a drivers license!), there's also Nao and Enon out there too if you want to research more about them.  

Personally, I am looking forward to the day these become a household appliance.  We all seem to work more and more and time is a resource which is non-renewable.  How great would it be to have the aid of a robot to take care of things around the house so you can be doing something more fun than washing the dishes?